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Pet Services

Both our Dannevirke and Pahiatua clinics have purpose-built small animal hospitals run by our passionate and professional veterinarians. We offer complete nose-to-tail care and support you with education, resources and products to ensure the best care for your pets.


We understand that a trip to the vet can make your cat nervous, so we've made sure our clinics are cat friendly!

This means that we have separate cat and dog waiting areas, 'cat trees' for you to rest their carry cage on (did you know that sitting up high gives cats a sense of security?) and soothing pheromone diffusers in our consult rooms.


Whether your dogs are your workmate or best mate, we can keep them in top shape.

We understand you want the best care for your dogs through every stage of their life. We offer a range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services to make sure your dogs have a happy, healthy life.

Pocket Pets

For the passionate owner of any little pocket pet, Tararua Vets has included topical features on the care and maintenance of your furry and feathered little friends.

For the smaller, feathered, or furry members of the family. We offer a range of services from nutrition and grooming to vaccinations and seasonal issues.

Puppy preschool

Just as society expects our children to have good manners, we also need to teach our puppies how to behave in different situations, so that they grow into friendly and confident adult dogs.

Puppy Preschool helps to give puppies the necessary socialisation skills for them to learn to act in a socially acceptable manner. Classes will help teach your puppy to look to you for direction and teach owners how to influence and shape the behaviour of their growing puppy. Through this journey, owners will also receive a basic insight into the fascinating world of dog psychology.
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Services Overview

24 hour emergency service
Veterinary consults
X-rays and ultrasound
Inhouse lab
General surgical services
Orthopaedic surgical services
Clipping and grooming services
Dental procedures
AI and pregnancy scanning
Puppy preschool
Nutritional advice and care
Wellness and life stage advice

Latest News

Whether you’re a first time pet owner looking for the basics or a seasoned fur parent looking for some inspiration, we have everything covered from nutrition, vaccinations and grooming, to common health issues, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Understanding itchy skin in cats and dogs

Itchy skin is a common problem among cats and dogs. It can be distressing and frustrating for both pets and their owners and can lead to self-trauma, secondary infections and other complications. Identifying the underlying cause is important for effective treatment and management.

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Benefits of a healthy weight

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight lowers their risk of certain health problems like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems, back problems, kidney disease, and some forms of cancer. It also can reduce your pet’s risk of joint injuries associated with excess weight.

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Lameness in farm dogs

Lameness is one of the most common presenting causes of working farm dogs to the vet clinic. Lameness refers to unevenness in the gait due to an inability to move one or more limbs normally with sudden onset or progressive and ongoing.

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