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Mooving Day

Mooving Day is less than a month away and for any dairy farm that has changes in ownership or contracts there is a lot to think about.

What change means to you

Ensuring that everything is in place will be at the forefront – making lists and checking boxes will help with this. Some things to remember are:

  • Staff changes – this can be a stressful time and the welfare of new and old staff is vital.
    • Housing – moving out and moving in.
    • Helping people who have located from other areas to get to know the local community and what it offers.
    • Job expectations.
    • Farm information is supplied including farm maps, water maps, powered fences.
  • Caring for animals during movement.
    • Drying-off at least 10 days before they go on the truck.
    • If they are lactating, making sure they are milked before they go.
    • If they are pregnant ensuring that they are getting adequate water and food.
    • Making sure they are NAIT compliant.
    • Ensure that they are BSC 3 or higher, fit and healthy.
    • Give them a stand off period of at least four hours prior to loading.

The list can be endless, and most will have a lot already locked in and planned for. If you think that there could be something that you have missed, there are resources that can be found online:


What change means to us

Here at Tararua Vets your account information contains more than just your billing address. Contact details include:

  • Landline, mobile phone, and email addresses.
  • Who your workers are and what their role is along with their best contact details. Are they a manager, share milker (low order, 50/50), herd manager, calf-rearer?
  • The dairy number of your farm and its location, and whether you have more than one.
  • The location of your run-off and whether you have more than one.
  • The animals you have on farm and what breed they are including how many in a herd.

All of this information helps us to better serve you. At the very least it helps us to get a vet on-farm when you need them, and to the right place. At a deeper level, and simply put, it helps us to help you with animal health plans. Notification of your team changes would be greatly appreciated.

For those moving on to greener pastures, we take this opportunity to say thanks and wish you well for your new ventures. To those who come to fill their places we offer a warm welcome and wish you a joyful stay on your new dairy farm.