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Is your bull up to the job?

Bull fertility testing is an essential service to ensure that your bull is capable of doing what he is bred to do – getting your cows in calf. This testing ensures you are minimising any issues with the bull that can be detected before it’s too late.

A bull breeding soundness evaluation consists of testing the bull’s ability to get a cow in calf. The bull must pass important aspects of bull fertility to ensure that he can do ‘his job’.



The bulls must demonstrate the ability to mount an in season heifer or cow.

Penile soundness

Each bull’s extended penis is examined during mounting for structural soundness, injuries and abnormalities.

Semen evaluation
Each bull’s ejaculate, which is collected in an artificial vagina, is examined microscopically for densitymotility and morphology and must pass the minimum standards of 70% normal.

Scrotal palpation and measurement

Each bull’s testicles are palpated and measured to ensure they are adequate to get cows in calf.

Is important to emphasise that we are very serious in regard to animal welfare, as well as our own health and safety, during bull testing. Our bails are designed not only for the humane restraint of the cow but also the bull and the protection of the person doing the collection. This is not a Blockey Test, the heifers do not get served while they are in the bale and are on heat. We are using nature to complete this import job.

All you need is to supply a cow on heat, that is big enough to support the weight of the largest bulls being tested, and your bulls in the yards. We do the rest.

Talk to your vet, ring your local clinic, or contact the team at Tararua Breeding Centre on 06 376 4955 to discuss how this is achieved and the process involved.