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Getting the most out of your fly treatment

Dealing with flystrike in sheep over summer is frustrating, time consuming, and is a cost to both welfare and productivity.

Prevention is the key and well-timed shearing, followed by correct application of a suitable product, can go a very long way.

There are 2 types of fly treatment:

  • Saturation dips: These are in the form of a concentrate that is diluted with water and applied to the whole sheep (saturation) to skin level.
  • Spray-ons: These are applied along the back and around the breech.


Our growing preference for flystrike prevention is to use the modern spray-ons, in particular Strikeforce™-S, Clik™ Extra and Clikzin® These products have the advantage of being manufactured in a form that is ready to use. They’re low volume formulations with no dilution rates, no sump cleaning, no stripping of chemical from wash and no wash to dispose of. The equipment used to apply these products is cheap and easy to use (either with a drench-type gun fitted with a spray/T bar nozzle or by using gas powered applicator, “Power Doser”).

Saturation dips, as their name suggests, work properly when saturation to skin level is achieved. For hand jetting and spray race application, it is recommended to apply two litres per sheep with four weeks of wool growth and for every additional month of wool growth, you will need to apply an extra 0.5L of wash.

If you have sheep that are already struck, we have Cyrazin KO, a saturation product which kills the maggots as well as giving up to 14 weeks cover (with the proviso that the product is correctly applied, and fly pressure is not extreme).

If you need more information on preventing flystrike in your flock, please talk with your vet or our specialised staff.