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Farm Services

Tararua Vets is an integral part of the rural community providing 24-hour services. We provide a full range of clinical services as well as farm consultancy (i.e. mastitis, nutrition, lameness and reproduction, parasitology) that specifically target the needs of your business. We believe that when our animals are healthy, our people and our community thrive.


We aim to provide quality advice, services and products that specifically target the needs of your farming business.

The team at Tararua Vets offers a wide range of animal health services in areas such as animal health planning, milk quality, nutritional management, reproductive management, lameness, replacement stock, disease prevention, animal treatment and emergencies.


We offer the complete range of health and production services for all beef enterprises from traditional cow-calf breeding herds through to high-performance finishing services.

By working closely with clients to identify their animal health and performance goals, we aim to develop farm-specific animal health programmes and strategies that take much of the guesswork out of their beef farming enterprise. Services include BVD management, scanning and reproductive advice, beef herd synchrony, bull testing, drench testing, lepto advice and vaccination programmes, trace element testing, and tailored farm plans.


We offer a complete advisory and treatment service for flock health and production.

We enjoy working alongside our clients to help them minimise animal health issues and maximise animal performance. We offer a variety of services including comprehensive animal health planning, parasitology management plans, and individual farm and animal advice


Our complete advisory and treatment service extends to deer as well.

We offer basic health checks for sick animals through to velveting (plus supervision of licensed velveters), nutritional advice, tailored internal parasite management programmes, and herd production and health planning.


We have experienced equine vets within our team who are dedicated to making sure your horse is happy and healthy.

Services include but are not limited to first line colic and lameness treatment, emergencies, vaccinations, wound management, dentistry, gelding, screening for metabolic and hormonal disease, trace element deficiencies and more.

Lifestyle Animals

From goats and geese to pigs, alpacas, and chickens, our vets can treat your whole menagerie.

We can provide health checks as well as general medicine and surgical services for your lifestyle animals. If you’re new to the ‘farm game’ and are still wrapping your head around drenching, hoof trimming, vaccinating and bolusing, get in touch and our team will be happy to provide you with some advice.

Latest News

Find out everything specific to your animal, whether they’re your hobby or your livelihood. To see our whole range of articles, click the link below.

Vaccine storage

For vaccines to be effective when injected they must be stored correctly including when you collect them from the clinic as well as how they are handled when you are on farm. There is no sense going to all the trouble of vaccinating if the vaccine has been degraded by how we have handled it.

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Scabby mouth

Scabby mouth is a viral infection that causes painful lesions in affected animals. Infection occurs through breaks in the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. Areas commonly affected are the mouth, feet, udders, and the poll of rams. Thistles and fibrous feed often predispose animals to the mouth lesions.

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The ongoing benefits of good calf nutrition

New Zealand data shows that only 36% of our heifers meet pre-calving weight targets. This is significant as there is an approximate 2kgMS production loss per year for every 1% they are behind this target, and poorly grown heifers are unlikely to survive to the end of their second lactation, so won’t remain in the herd long enough to become profitable.

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BVD – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea 

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