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Find out everything specific to your animal, whether they’re your hobby or your livelihood.

Whether you’re a first time pet owner looking for the basics or a seasoned fur parent looking for some inspiration, we have everything covered from nutrition, vaccinations and grooming, to common health issues, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Facial eczema risk

Trying to predict what the facial eczema (FE) season is going to do requires a crystal ball and some star gazing however we do have information from our years of monitoring spores to draw from to help you be prepared.

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Vaccine storage

For vaccines to be effective when injected they must be stored correctly including when you collect them from the clinic as well as how they are handled when you are on farm. There is no sense going to all the trouble of vaccinating if the vaccine has been degraded by how we have handled it.

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The ongoing benefits of good calf nutrition

New Zealand data shows that only 36% of our heifers meet pre-calving weight targets. This is significant as there is an approximate 2kgMS production loss per year for every 1% they are behind this target, and poorly grown heifers are unlikely to survive to the end of their second lactation, so won’t remain in the herd long enough to become profitable.

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BVD – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea 

BVD is a common but complicated disease. The production and reproductive costs of the disease are insidious and difficult to calculate. Eradicating BVD often comes with significant productive and reproductive improvements.

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First aid in cows

Ability to apply first aid to your cows around the calving period is the role of the farmer or his assistant and only after attempting and failing should a veterinarian be rung.

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First aid in calves

Calves, like all young animals, can deteriorate rapidly when they get sick. To have the best chance of treating sick calves successfully, rapid identification and treatment is essential.

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Buying in weaner calves

Many farmers and lifestyle block owners buy in weaner calves from sale yards and the like. Unfortunately, most do not know the background or what the calves have been treated with, often they only have a knowledge of the size and weight.

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Every calf has a useful life

From 1 June 2023, Fonterra is introducing a new clause within their Terms of Supply which means calves can only be euthanised on-farm when there are humane reasons for doing so.

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