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Science is always evolving, so our veterinarians are passionate about continuing their learning to keep up to date with the latest in the veterinary world. This means we have a plethora of animal health articles written by our vets, available right here to assist you with your farming business or pet care.

Find out everything specific to your animal, whether they’re your hobby or your livelihood.

Whether you’re a first time pet owner looking for the basics or a seasoned fur parent looking for some inspiration, we have everything covered from nutrition, vaccinations and grooming, to common health issues, behaviour and general wellbeing.

When copper becomes toxic

A sheep farm was visited where copper (Cu) toxicity was suspected. Several lambs appeared lethargic and anaemic. The farmer had purchased lambs from a farm that had been feeding poultry litter (manure is usually treated with copper sulphate to reduce the bacterial level). Sheep are unique in that they accumulate copper in the liver more readily than other farm animals. As a result, they are very susceptible to copper (Cu) toxicity (poisoning).

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Lameness in farm dogs

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The growing issue of worm resistance

Most people will be well aware about the growing issues with drench resistance. While vets and many farmers have been aware of this issue and dealing with these problems for 20 years, in the last few years there appears to have been an explosion in drench resistance cases, in particular in triple drench resistance.

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Every calf has a useful life

From 1 June 2023, Fonterra is introducing a new clause within their Terms of Supply which means calves can only be euthanised on-farm when there are humane reasons for doing so.

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