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Science is always evolving, so our veterinarians are passionate about continuing their learning to keep up to date with the latest in the veterinary world. This means we have a plethora of animal health articles written by our vets, available right here to assist you with your farming business or pet care.

Find out everything specific to your animal, whether they’re your hobby or your livelihood.

Whether you’re a first time pet owner looking for the basics or a seasoned fur parent looking for some inspiration, we have everything covered from nutrition, vaccinations and grooming, to common health issues, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Mooving Day

Mooving Day is less than a month away and for any dairy farm that has changes in ownership or contracts there is a lot to think about.

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Understanding itchy skin in cats and dogs

Itchy skin is a common problem among cats and dogs. It can be distressing and frustrating for both pets and their owners and can lead to self-trauma, secondary infections and other complications. Identifying the underlying cause is important for effective treatment and management.

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Barber’s pole worm

Current weather conditions make it time to be on the lookout for barber’s pole worm. Having some knowledge of this parasite (Haemonchus contortus), and its debilitating effect on sheep mobs, is vital to combatting the disease.

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Net Zero by 2050

Fonterra’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 at their AGM in November clearly put focus on markets and how they are now influencing their decisions on greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Fonterra’s messaging was stark; improve in this space or our preferred clients will look elsewhere for their milk-based products.

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Facial eczema risk

Trying to predict what the facial eczema (FE) season is going to do requires a crystal ball and some star gazing however we do have information from our years of monitoring spores to draw from to help you be prepared.

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Benefits of a healthy weight

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight lowers their risk of certain health problems like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems, back problems, kidney disease, and some forms of cancer. It also can reduce your pet’s risk of joint injuries associated with excess weight.

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