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All you need to know about bringing a new kitten home

Vet nurse holding ginger and white kitten

So, you’ve adopted a kitten! While you definitely know how cute and fluffy they are, and you’re adamant about which treats and accessories you want to buy them, you may not be so sure on where to start with their healthcare.

Finding solutions to your dog’s boredom and loneliness

Golden labrador running across lawn

Wouldn’t it be good if you could spend all day at home with your dog? Unfortunately few of us are lucky enough to have a life of leisure and with some people’s busy lifestyles, dogs can be left alone at home for extended periods of time with nothing to do.

Puppy preschool

Just as society expects our children to have good manners, we also need to teach our puppies how to behave in different situations, so that they grow into friendly and confident adult dogs.

The basics of grass and pasture management

Thoroughbred for TVS

The basics of grass and pasture management Here are some basics about grass and pasture management that can really affect your horse’s health. During the day grass uses sunlight to make sugars through photosynthesis. This means that the sugar content of grass rises during the day. These sugars are stored for growth, which happens later. Grass that really […]

Karaka berry poisoning

Karaka tree

Karaka berries are ripening and falling to the ground from January to April. The kernels of the berries contain a highly toxic alkaloid that can be fatal when ingested.

Poisonous plants and toxic compounds

Ragwort plant

Poisonous plants and toxic compounds Listed below are some of the most commonly encountered poisonous plants and toxins that cause issues with companion animals and livestock. If you are concerned that your animal has had access to any of these poisons, or if they are showing signs that can be attributed to any of these […]

Guinea pigs and Vitamin C

Guinea pigs eating carrots

Guinea pigs and Vitamin C Guinea pigs, like humans but unlike all other domestic animals, cannot make their own vitamin C. Other mammals have an enzyme which helps the body produce vitamin C, but guinea pigs and humans lack this enzyme. Therefore, they must receive vitamin C from their diet, and as it cannot be […]

Walking dandruff?

Pet rabbit

Walking dandruff? Walking dandruff (“cheyletiellosis”) in rabbits is caused by a common rabbit fur mite (Cheyletiella parasitovorax). They are nicknamed “walking dandruff” because these large, whitish mites crawl across the skin and fur, and cause excessive flaky skin on a rabbit. Infested rabbits spread it to other rabbits, and this highly contagious, non-burrowing mite can […]

Beef reproductive services

Speckle park bull

Beef reproductive services Tararua Vets offers a wide range of reproductive services for both stud and commercial beef farmers. Pregnancy Testing Our pregnancy testing service is carried out using ultrasound scanners, backed up by manual palpation to confirm empty cows and check for any individual cow problems that may be preventing animals from getting in […]